Mana izumi

mana izumi

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Growing up trying to fit in with the crowd rather than excel in school, a trait that her magical studies have flipped. Over her second year at Hogwarts Mana has shown a growing fondness for the magical creatures classes, not her best subject by far though the girl takes any opportunity to get her hands on any little animal she can, even the mundane ones such as the castle's rats. Over the summer of Mana's mother had her daughter's name legally changed to match her biological father. The two met in their early twenties while Machi was visiting England from the Mahoutokoro school of magic where she was a student. The two began a relationship though Machi had returned to Japan for a few years before returning with a child about the right age to have been Curtis's, eventually they married. Mana had been something of an odd girl before Hogwarts, Though quite clever and curious she often tries to hide it under the guise of a faux delinquent. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

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